From partial dentures to complete dentures and denture implants, we provide them all.


At Associates Denture, we offer specialized denture care services while following a unique approach for every patient. We are known for providing high-quality denture services at very affordable prices. Our keen-eyed professionals give great attention to detail when creating a denture set for our clients. With our caring attitude and thorough support, we help them get their smile and confidence back.


Denture Repairs

Dentures are made of durable materials such as acrylic, chromium cobalt or titanium. However, they are not as strong as your natural teeth. As we age, the shape of our gums changes. This causes dentures to become looser, ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and increases the risk of breakage. We make the dentures right in our office, which also means we have the ability to repair cracks, broken teeth, and such. Most repairs can be done on the same day. While not every denture problem is an emergency, we understand how annoying and uncomfortable a broken denture is. We offer same day repairs as well as emergency denture care for bigger issues.

  • Fractured base
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Loose fitting denture
  • Difficulty chewing

Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures utilize dental implants and are secured to your gums with titanium screws or cement. They do not move. We offer porcelain fused to metal on zirconia teeth on these restorations. Most fixed dentures are done on the lower gums, as these are often more loose than the upper denture. However, we also do fixed dentures on the roof of your mouth, which is very beneficial. Here, we can remove the palate, and you can feel the roof of your mouth again. Fixed dentures are the best solution for solid, stable teeth.

Complete Dentures

At Associates Denture in Red Deer, AB, we ensure that every complete denture that we create looks and fits you the best. Our denturist personally sets all of the teeth in a wax rim. This way, the patient has an opportunity to view and approve the esthetics before the denture is processed into its final shape. We use the very best acrylic available in the market today. Alongside that, we also use the German-engineered “pressure during processing” system to inject and harden the acrylic. We can provide lower dentures with a rubber base to cushion the fit for patients with shrunken gums.

Partial Dentures

If you are missing some of your teeth but not all, we offer several options for filling the gaps. We can quickly construct an acrylic-only partial for emergencies. We also do very thin metal frame partials that are a good long-term solution that is less expensive than implants and crowns. We also have the ability, in most cases, to add teeth to existing partials, which is a very cost-effective method of filling the gaps. Partial dentures can be attached in several ways, often using the metal clasps that grip your natural teeth or implant attachments. Partial dentures are removable for cleaning and require precise care.